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Training Delivery


We are able to provide tailored solutions on a national or international scale. We offer relevant solutions to immediate and foreseeable problems.​​With active and decisive supervision of projects, we are able to cost effectively manage complex security assignments from the initial assessment of needs to task completion.​​WKL is able to provide a pool of experienced, knowledgeable consultants familiar with the demands of corporations and senior executives. Our consultants can provide a well-documented and effective analysis, presented in a context-relevant package.

- Policy Development and Implementation
​- Crisis Intervention
- Equipment Procurement and Implementation
​- Contingency Planning and Assessment
- Special Event Services
- Incident Recovery
- Evacuation From Hostile Environments
- Executive Protection


People are the greatest asset that WKL is able to offer.
WKL can draw from our base of consultants experienced in the areas of:

- Military & Law Enforcement
- Counter-Terrorism
- Intelligence
- Corporate Security
- Electronic Countermeasures


WKL has decades of practical experience in dealing with complex business and individual security issues across geographic and language boundaries. Team members have acted on behalf of heads of state and corporate leaders. We can apply direct experience in counter-terrorism, kidnapping, industrial espionage, military and law enforcement.​Versatile and creative, we are able to provide genuine insight drawn from years of real-world solutions.

Marketplace Experience

We have decades of hands-on experience in the international security industry.

- Sophistication in services and training.
- Ability to respond immediately to a client's needs.
- Quality, training and experience of WKL consultants.
Most of the needs of our clients are immediate and often complex. As a result, they require a rapid response. The ability to respond quickly to a given situation is vitally important.​


WKL is a broad based security resource provider offering application specific or systemic security solutions. We have assembled some of the finest professionals in one organization to provide integrated security solutions. This results in efficient and effective projects that accomplish objectives in a timely, cost effective manner. Whether the threat is immediate and pressing or anticipated, WKL will respond with:

- People
- Management
- Training
- Consulting
- Crisis Response
- Intelligence
- Equipment