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Our team consists of a dedicated team of ex Military Spec.Ops and other Specialists, all highly trained in various areas of security and conflict incorporating low and high profile security techniques. All our operatives have a wide range of experience in conflict zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Europe, Central Asia, South East Asia, Northern Ireland, Africa and Central/South America. Our maritime security team are all ex British Royal Marines and SEALS. We provide both land based and vessel based close protection and anti-piracy and anti-vessel attack protection services. This is provided by a combination of appropriately specified and implemented High-Tech and physical countermeasures.

We offer full consultation and reconnaissance of areas you are considering. Our team will research, deploy, recon and provide a full detailed report on the feasibility of operating within your designated area of interest. We will make contacts, gather intel, provide training, arrange secure accommodation and even deploy into a country if required. We have secured local 'safe' houses in several provinces in Afghanistan, keeping the external look of the property low key, but upgrading the interior with high tech security, armed guards, safe rooms etc.
We can hire and train local security, including full vetting. We have access to real time satellite imagery and offer analysis of all images. We are able to mobilise and deploy a team of specialists within 72 hours for emergency response and evacuation missions. The Management Team of WKL Security are ex members of elite Military Units from around the world, British Intelligence Services and Special Forces, US Navy Seals, French and Spanish Special Forces, Jordanian Special Forces, and Law Enforcement Specialists. Whatever your security needs may be, contact us and we can offer our services within 72 hours notice.