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After having been asked to provide ad-hoc scoping guidance for associates and colleagues, Neill, with his thirty-five years plus in the construction and property industry, has decided to react to this need and launch an industry ‘first’, that being an independent,  pre-contract signing ‘Scoping Workshop’ facilitation service.


A ‘scoping check’ may seem like ‘teaching someone to ‘suck eggs’ but it is something that just does not happen in a focused enough way, and therefore there is a continuous industry accepted ‘norm’ that variations will occur, and the client ends up paying for it, it need not be like this!

As a client, you should highly recommend [insist] that your contractor runs a focused scoping check workshop.

It just takes an experienced operator to ask the ‘dumb questions’ and you will be surprised about the benefits, when any one variation can cost tens of or hundreds of thousands of dollars, dedicating a day or two to avoid this is a very good investment indeed.

There is hardly a facet of the property industry that Neill has not been involved in from Polymer piling to one of the worlds largest skylights and everything in between.

The workshop is run using our own ‘Scope Interrogation Schedule’ which we have developed over the years.


“Expert Generalist” is Neill’s mantra, and he lives up to it and you can

  benefit from it too.


Please contact him on  Tel: +64 (0) 22 0373117  E:



* Terms of Engagement are ‘Best Endeavors’ - Whakaaro-Kingsman accepts no liabilities for cost over runs, variations , fees or any other costs or future judgments between parties, in relation to the project engaged for, at any time, in perpetuity.