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We have the capability to offer satellite imagery and analysis of specific targets and areas of interest.


Our accessible satellites fly over targets up to five times daily, allowing us to accurately monitor activity on the ground.

We photograph and analyse all data, and where necessary send in ground teams to conduct covert close target reconnaissance.


This technology has just increased with access to 24 new satellites. Our teams of full time analysts work around the clock to produce up to date, accurate data for our clients. WKL is underpinned by a custom built process that produces and houses timely, geospatial intelligence.


Satellite Imagery can be used for:

- Activity monitoring
- Baseline reporting
- Blast analysis
- Disaster relief support
- Emergency response
- Environmental mapping
- Illegal logging operations
- Mapping
- Pattern of life
- People smuggling
- Security audits
- Troop/manpower movements


​Our developers and analysts have academic qualifications from the UK's leading universities and practical experience from National mapping agencies and UK Armed Forces.

WKL produces actionable metrics and value added geospatial data all held in a secure client area. Our teams are experts in close target reconnaissance and have worked closely in conjunction with satellite imagery to deliver actionable intelligence (AI) on targets of interest (TOI).

Due Diligence

WKL is available to carry out due diligence on companies and individuals.

We have access to ex- Intelligence Agency analysts who are now working in the private sector. Cost for due diligence enquiries can range from a few hundred dollars to over twenty thousand dollars, depending on the depth and information required.

Our analysts have reported to Presidents and Prime Ministers directly.

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