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Consultation Services

Critical security conditions worldwide give rise to the need for a highly sophisticated consulting group with a unique global perspective to augment the services that are available locally. This type of protection is critical to individuals and businesses with substantial assets to protect in all parts of the world.

Disruptions in the management of business and private lives of high profile individuals due to terrorist and criminal threats are on the increase throughout the world.

Kidnapping statistics worldwide and surveys indicate that criminal elements are turning these activities into a growth industry. This kind of an environment poses a threat to the operational efficiency, stability, and morale of key personnel in large corporations and also threatens the stability of the personal lives of senior executives.

With decades of first hand practical experience, our consultants have proven backgrounds in specialist military and government organizations. As such, our consultants have genuine expertise in the areas of corporate security, counter-terrorism, kidnapping, specialised training and military/law enforcement. Knowledgeable and discreet, WKL consultants work together as a team to offer the quality of service necessary to meet your needs.

We abide by the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity, and discretion. All inquiries will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. The acceptance of calculated risk is an everyday element of personal and corporate life. Unfortunately, the inordinate number of risks currently facing the business world today can severely impact a company's revenue and reputation. These risks, ranging from terrorist activity and product contamination to industrial espionage and professional misconduct, are menacing regardless of their scope and complexity.

Supervision and management of new or existing facilities and programs often calls for independent input. WKL is qualified to assist in these scenarios, relying on decades of experience at the highest levels of government and corporate service.

Reconnaissance Stage

We are able to send our own personnel forward to fully reconnoitre the area you are planning to deploy. If you have your own exploration team, we can provide protection and logistical support.

Our personnel are all highly trained and experienced in field operations. Experts in survival skills, advanced first aid, navigation and security procedures, we can accompany your staff into the most difficult terrain and climatic environments.


In the event of medical emergency, navigational error, regional conflict or other extreme hazard, our personnel will move to evacuate your exploration team by the quickest and ultimately safest means at their disposal. This combination of services allows your team to concentrate on their tasks and maximize their time in pursuit of their objective.

Should you feel that a particular situation does not necessitate the direct inclusion of our GIS staff, we offer training programs for exploration team members. We will educate them in personal security skills and survival knowledge specific to their area of operations. We can also provide briefings on local customs, trends and culture. We can prepare a report on the current security situation and suggest suitable precautions. We can also include specialized training in emergency first aid, advanced navigation, emergency driving and evasion techniques.


WKL consultants are drawn from some of the finest security organisations in the world. Knowledgeable and field experienced, our consultants work together as a team to offer the quality of service necessary for effectively addressing your needs. Supervision and management of new or existing facilities and programmes can sometimes call for independent input.

WKL draws from decades of experience at the highest levels of government and corporate service. With active and decisive supervision of projects, we are able to cost effectively manage complex security projects from the initial assessment of needs through to long-term responsibility.

We are also able to provide the manpower to support the project wherever it may take us.

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