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WKL contractors are experts in intelligence gathering, surveillance and close target reconnaissance.

We also offer training to Civilian Organisations, Individuals, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies all over the world.

Our team of highly trained and qualified instructors are all sourced from the UK and US Intelligence Services, the UK’s elite Special Air Service (SAS); Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR); Special Boat Service (SBS) and the US’s elite Navy Seals, complimenting this are exceptional trainers from Law Enforcement.

WKL are unique in being able to deliver training packages usually reserved for Military Special Forces and Government Intelligence Services. These training modules have successfully been implemented to Military and Law Enforcement/Border Security Agencies in several countries.

WKL are able to conduct operationally all the above services. We are currently working alongside large multi-national companies conducting operations in due diligence and integrity investigating their chain of supply.

Our Specialist Intelligence Training Modules consist of but are not limited to:


- Mobile Surveillance

- Technical Operations (Surveillance)

- Operational Planning (Surveillance)

- Intelligence Gathering (Surveillance)

- Evidence Gathering

- Intelligence Gathering (CHIS Handling)


- Close Target Reconnaissance

- Navigation

- Covert Search

- Human Tracking

- Manned Observation Posts

- Photography / Imagery

- Driving


- Medical

- Unarmed Combat

- Weapon Handling

- Patrolling

- Tactics - CQB / OBUA

- Border Security

- Boat Handling

- Boarding Drills

- Handling Prisoners

- Interviewing Skills

- Report Writing

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