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Asset & Worker Protection

A successful security presence relies on three factors, consistency, intelligence and professionalism.  Along with our teams of professional operators, we integrate the use the worlds best perimeter and surveillance radar systems for perimeter, ground, air, sea, and drone detection leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). This edge allows us unequalled covert presence and the ability to deploy our assets where most required. 

This means value for money for the client, simple as that.

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From major ports to high-value property assets, the increase of land, water, and aerial threats are a growing concern around the world.  

The Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) for ports, harbors, coastline, cruise ships, and military marine assets focus on conventional threats like suicide boats or unauthorised entry. WK Security with our technology partners and extremely well trained operators, can provide land based and maritime awareness to protect your staff and assets by optimising surveillance. Our physical presence along with a layered technology approach,  uses camera, radar, fence line, and VMS systems that monitor small vessels, people, vehicles, drones, boats, and large ships in maritime environments.