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Neill Laurenson - Director Whakaaro - Kingsman Ltd

Conceptualisation Manager /  Expert Generalist


•Multi-industry skills (35 years of experience to share)


•Quick thinking & decision making

•Gives clear direction to the client

•Builds client trust

•Very well networked

•Becomes part of the clients team

•Promotes an enjoyable work ethic.

T - +64(0) 22037 3117    neill@wkltd.nz


Mike Gillard - Whakaaro - Kingsman Ltd  [Middle East]

Highly Experienced Project Manager


•Construction specialist with extensive experience in commercial office buildings, shopping centres, upmarket residential and hotels.

•Relationship management specialist with both internal and external stakeholders

• Mike's long-term successes within the organisations he has been associated with, has been based on mutual respect and trust.

•Mike is an experienced company Director and converses with the the entire project team from suppliers to Board Members

T - Qatar +974 6694 0045    mike@wkltd.nz

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Tony Woods


External Partner - Renewables

Director Energy - Graess Energy UZDE

Director - Sustainable Energy Services International


Tony's background is in assisting isolated communities to own and operate their own power networks. Tony wishes to continue to build and grow renewable energy companies that deliver tangible and high quality energy services to isolated locations. This skillset is now focused primarily on commercial power infrastructure development.

Specialties: Wind, solar and hydro electric power in remote communities in developing countries. Setting up community systems to operate as a standalone business to ensure long term sustainability.